Wednesday, 11 March 2015

M.I.A catchup!

 OK, so while i have been MIA we have been a busy little house!  

Money is always tight and I am part of a group of moms who sell on their baby items - why not when they fly through clothing like something not right! Saves the pennies and saves the environment too - plus i can pass them on and start on the next sizes up!

One lady said she had 2 bags of 9/12mth clothes and would like £10 so i nabbed them quickly! What i didnt expect was it to be 2 huge black bags full of Next, Monsoon, Debenhams etc dresses, cardigans, tops, pjs.....literally there were around 100 outfits! 

I started a project of taking pictures of Amelia every day in a different outfit as im sure she has enough to not have to wear the same thing each day through to her first birthday!  Ive been popping them on Instagram and although i have a little catch up to do we are still going strong and shes still in a different outfit everyday! lol  

Lots more to come too!  Plus i get to pass them all on when shes 1 and start again with another batch!

As well as lots of housey project too i have been developing recipes for book 2!  This is a teaser of the Tropical Rocky Road - a couple of tweaks and it will be perfect!  

Lookiing forward to getting a little time to spend on some more recipes - i have a ton of ideas and not enough time to execute them lately! 


Monday, 9 March 2015

Funny face!

This little girl has me laughing so much all the time - she really is a little tonic! 

Just look at that pout! 

...and now theres a tooth to show off too you can bet there will be lots more pictures! lol 

Meanwhile - this little one is growing up so fast! #almost5


Friday, 30 January 2015

Letts Wild About - Maths & English book review

We were asked to review Letts exciting new range of Math’s and English books published in a series called Letts Wild About.

The books are aimed at 9 to 11 year olds (Key Stage 2) and are a great way to improve math’s and English skills while exploring the wider world.  There are 9 books in total with 5 split between maths and english aimed at 9-11 year olds with a further 4 books split between 9-10 and 10-11 year olds.

Retailing at £4.99 each they are on par with a lot of childrens magazines yet so much more educational and FUN!  YES - FUN!!  Ethan loved the books and even asked if he could do more when he came home from school at night!

The book are not just 'sums and words' they are educational with little snippits of information about animals and the world around them.  Ethan loved the fact it that you could correct misspelled words and pick new ones to replace them with, also that it gave a point system where it said to try again etc which actually encouraged him to redo the questions until it was right.

Letts Wild About books are based on the new primary curriculum that was introduced in schools from September.
Parents can feel reassured and confident that these books will fully support what is being taught at school.

Discover more about Letts Wild About, including weird and wonderful animal facts and free activity sheets at

We were sent these books to review - all opinions are our own.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial - review.

We were sent these scales to review in conjunction with my new years diet and exercise regime! 

 I love the fact they are so sleek looking and only switch on when you step on them.

Im loving the fact that they do not do stones and pounds so its no shock when you step on them! ha 

I have to search on the net to find out what it equates to so its not such a smack in the face (and doesnt feel as though its saying 'one at a time please') lol

I would highly recommend these as they are clear, accurate and modern looking!

    Synchronized electro-mechanical Dial and LCD automatically illuminate and instantly point to your weight in lbs and kg, for easy-to read results in all light conditions and from any angle.
    Visually stunning design incorporates a 14 cm (5.5 inch) dial and integrated digital display with stylish chrome accents to create a distinctive retro look with the accuracy of modern technology.
    Professional quality scale features and an oversized platform made of impact-resistant tempered glass for ideal stability, and a new built-in alarm that reminds you to measure your weight at the same time each day.
    Uses 4 high precision GX sensors that weigh up to 180 kg (400 lbs) in 0.1 kg or 0.2 lbs increments, with StepOn technology that captures precise weight measurements upon contact.
    Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve battery life. Runs on 3 AAA batteries with a Low Battery Indicator (batteries included). Satisfaction guaranteed.

Available at the reduced price of £19.99 via Amazon


Friday, 2 January 2015

Frollipops! (Review)


Fun shaped fruit lollipops available in Strawberry Rocket and Apple Snake flavour

·         No added sugar*

·         Only 46 calories per 15g Frollipop

·         Contains 5 times its own weight in fruit

·         Counts as one of your child’s five-a-day**

•        No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

•        RRP £2.00 for a pack of 5 individually wrapped Frollipops

We were asked to review the new Fruit Frollipops and Evie loved them!  She preferred the strawberry as they were a really strong taste yet so sweet at the same time!  

Its nice to know I can give them 'sweets' without all of the sugar in normal candy. 

I will definitely be buying these again and highly recommend them! 


Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sorry about the lack of posts - i scheduled a lot of posts to pop up automatically as i knew how busy December was and none of them have worked! 

I managed to retrieve 2 out of 17 - gah! 

Need to decide what direction to take my blog in 2015 too.... ignore me - just talking to myself and trying to sort some lists of things to do! 

See you soon and Have a fab new year - see you on the other side! 




Tuesday, 16 December 2014

School Swimming

       Parents concern over the quality of school swimming

·    Despite an increase in the number of pupils leaving primary school able to swim the minimum 25 metres unaided (as recommended in the national curriculum) parents are unaware of the required standard and in many cases their own child’s ability, due to a lack of assessment information
·    A new report from the ASA shows that 40% of parents are not being informed of their child’s swimming ability, with the amount of time dedicated to school swimming neither known nor measured by school inspection and accountability body Ofsted
·    With 45% of children aged 7-11 years old (primary school aged) unable to swim a length unaided, and with one in 14 schools (over 1,300) offering no swimming provision at Key Stage 2, the ASA is calling for a continued spotlight on swimming in the curriculum in tandem with a far greater level of assessment
·    The ASA recommends that schools allocate at least 25 hours of study time a year per child to swimming, however the report shows that 55% of schools are not meeting these guidelines
·         Report has recently been presented to politicians and government officials at an All Party Reception in Whitehall; the national governing body for swimming in England awaits a response
·         Calls for every primary school in England to sign up to the ASA School Swimming Charter to pledge to prioritise the only sport that saves lives

As the new curriculum beds in to primary schools across England, questions are being asked of school inspection body Ofsted as it is revealed that the standard and regularity of swimming is overlooked in school assessments.

This lack of accountability is worrying for two fifths of parents who have not been informed of their child’s swimming ability, and is particularly concerning with 45% of 7-11 year olds (primary school aged) unable to swim 25 metres unaided.

That’s according to a new report released today by the ASA, which recommends that schools should be allocating at least 25 hours of study time a year per child for curriculum swimming.  
However, the report, which surveyed primary schools across England, shows that less than half of all schools offer that level of swimming instruction, while one in 14 schools (over 1,300) offer no swimming provision at Key Stage 2. This is despite a 40% increase in fatalities amongst all young people in the water in the last year.

If primary schools can commit to adopting the recommended approach, the ASA estimate that approximately 200,000 additional children would leave primary school being able to swim.
Which is why they have today launched the School Swimming Charter, offering primary schools support, training and guidance on swimming to further increase the impact of school swimming provision in England.

While much work still needs to be done, the ASA’s continuing push for more resources and focus on school swimming has led to positive progress in the last 12 months in the number of children now leaving school able to swim 25 metres unaided.

Whilst across the country, 2013 saw 51% of children aged 7-11 year olds being unable to swim 25 metres, this year that figure has fallen to 45%.

Additionally, the average number of lessons made available in a school year has increased from 16 last year to   18 this year.  The amount of time spent in the water is also on the increase.

ASA is keen for momentum to continue and is pushing for the issue to become part of political parties’ education agendas ahead of next year’s general election.